Via Trump Train News:

How do you tell a child he didn’t make Santa’s nice list this year? It’s clear nobody has had the courage to broach the sensitive subject with New York’s Governor Cuomo. During a press conference, the Democrat had the audacity to remark on how he looks forward to a good holiday season even going so far to say, “Santa’s going to be very good to me; I can tell. I worked hard this year.” The ironic comment was enough to trigger a brutal response from Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean who lost both step-parents to the virus while in long-term care facilities. 

Dean reacted to Cuomo’s comment saying, “Worked hard to help kill senior, jobs and New York State in general?”

The Daily Wire reported on Cuomo’s press conference:

And we’re in the heat of the holiday season, right? I said before Thanksgiving you think about it as Thanksgiving; I don’t think about it as Thanksgiving; I think about it as day one of 37 days of holidays, which is a totally different socialization pattern from any other time of the year. And the socialization pattern is what determines the spread of the virus. Thanksgiving was our first test, and what you’re seeing from the data is we did not have the spike that other places had.

And interesting, it looks like there were more gatherings, more air travel in other parts of the country, and where there was more air travel and more gatherings there was more of a spike in terms of Thanksgiving cases, which suggests all the admonitions about celebrate, but celebrate safely, if you don’t have to travel, don’t travel actually had an effect here in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. So that’s good news.

After arguing that the Biden team and the Trump team were on the same page regarding the vaccine, Cuomo asserted, “Stop the politics and actually save lives. Save lives. You see those high infection rates? High positivity rates? High hospitalization rates? You know what they translate into? High death rates. And that is going to be inarguable.”

Then he turned to how great his holiday was going to be, boasting; “So. A healthy holiday, and I’m going to have a great one.  Santa’s going to be very good to me; I can tell. I worked hard this year. Social distance; wear a mask; be smart. Be smart.”

Cuomo conveniently forgot how his actions have impacted New York and ravaged the state along with the thousands of senior lives lost in nursing homes under his authority.


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