Via AAN:

Only months after he resigned in disgrace over a high-profile sexual harassment scandal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now reportedly eyeing a political comeback.

As CNBC reports:

Just six months after he resigned from office in disgrace over sexual harassment allegations, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared to be hinting at a political comeback in remarks at a Brooklyn church on Sunday.

The Democrat made a campaign-like stop at a Brooklyn church Sunday, delivering a speech in which he condemned “cancel culture.” The public appearance, his first since leaving office, came after Cuomo’s campaign launched a digital and television advertising campaign pushing a similar message: He was driven from office unfairly.

Cuomo quoted the Bible several times as he described his travails then went on the offensive to attack the “political sharks” in Albany who, he said, “smelled blood” and exploited the situation for political gain.

“The actions against me were prosecutorial misconduct,” Cuomo said, repeating a theme he has pushed from the outset. “They used cancel culture to effectively overturn an election.”

During his speech Cuomo did acknowledge that his behavior was ‘inappropriate’ but also claimed that none of it was against the law.

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