Via Trump Train News: 

It seems that all of Andrew Cuomo’s dirty dealings are finally coming to light. Today, Lindsey Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to the governor released a bombshell article detailing the harassment she suffered at the hands of Cuomo. Boylan, who first accused Cuomo of harassment over a year ago but refused to disclose specific details, is finally shedding more light on her side of the story.

In her Medium article, Boylan describes the discomfort and anxiety she felt when she was forced to be alone with the governor and his disgusting advances and innuendos he made towards her, clearly ignoring the fact she’s married. According to Boylan, Cuomo would constantly seek her out so the two could be alone together.
Boylan goes on to describe how insidious Cuomo’s behavior was that other female staffers simply accepted that this is just the way things are in his administration.

Fox News reports:

“Let’s play strip poker,” Boylan said Cuomo remarked on a flight from an event in October 2017, according to an essay she wrote on Medium, published Wednesday.

In another encounter, Boylan said Cuomo arranged through a handler to meet her in his Albany office, where she reluctantly agreed to go. She said he gave her a tour of his office, “smirked” and showed off a cigar box he said was given to him by former President Bill Clinton while he served as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Boylan said she interpreted that to be an innuendo referencing the affair between Clinton and his then-intern Monica Lewinsky in the mid-1990s.

She said she was warned by other staffers when she joined Cuomo’s administration in 2015 to “Be careful around the Governor.”

The New York Governor has taken over (some) headlines lately after bombshell reports came out showing Cuomo intentionally covered up the number of nursing home deaths from Covid. Republicans and Democrats across the country have begun calling for his impeachment and criminal prosecution.

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