Thus far, Ted Cruz’s Democratic challenger, Rep. Beto O’Rourke has received fawning press coverage. That may be about to change. 

The intrepid Brandon Morse, at RedState, has more:

Most interestingly, O’Rourke said he wants to tackle corruption. With the media narrative making him seem pure as the driven snow — except for all the cool rebellious stuff he did when he was younger — it’s easy for O’Rourke to make himself look like a bigger man than Cruz, and by extension, Trump.

The problem here is that all those media outlets that are so busy praising him are not reporting O’Rourke’s corrupt past. He’s had multiple shady dealings during his time in El Paso’s city council, including an odd set of payments to city representative Suzie Byrd’s company Moxie Communications and Consulting, according to Deep Inside El Paso:

For 2015, Open Secrets lists the top expenditure to vendors / recipients, and of those top expenditures, there is an amount for $21,000 divided in to 12 payments, and a seperate amount for $10,500 divided into six payments, for a total of $31,500. The payments are made to Moxie Communications and Consulting, which is owned by Byrd.

This is odd, seeing as how O’Rourke already had a communications director for his primary campaign, and he didn’t really have any challengers for his seat:

Things get even stranger when you learn that O’Rourke paid his own company over $40,000 from political contributions between 2014 and 2015.

Despite his relative youth, O’Rourke is a very wealthy man, with a net worth likely surpassing $10 million, 10 times more than the average House member.

As a capitalist, I can’t fault him for being successful. However, O’Rourke’s shady financial dealings cross over into crony capitalism (something I vehemently oppose). They involved deals behind closed doors and ethics violations that even had fellow Democrats turning their backs on him.

On the El Paso City Council in the early 2000s, O’Rourke fell in love with eminent domain abuse. He reportedly displaced hardworking El Pasonans from their homes in order hand the property over to real estate developers, all for a cut of the profits.

Read more at American Action News

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