Via Trump Train News:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz put down Democrat Eric Swalwell and it was hilarious. The Democrat has been the center of a scandal after reports from Axios broke this week detailing his previous relationship with suspected Chinese spy, Christine Fang. Thursday, Cruz tweeted, “More than once, I’ve said “screw the Chinese communists.” Little did I know how closely Swalwell was listening.”

The priceless put down is only made better by the fact Swalwell was one of the Democrats leading the charge against President Trump and claiming he was colluding with Russia. Meanwhile, as Swalwell attempted to divert America’s attention toward Trump, who was innocent of the claims Swalwell had already been targetted by the Chinese.

The Daily Wire reported:

A suspected Chinese spy operating in the Bay Area during the Obama administration reportedly got so close to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) that the FBI had to intervene and provide him with a defensive briefing. Fang’s ties to Swalwell began when he was a councilmember for Dublin City, California, which is part of China’s long-term strategy of getting in with people before they make it big on the national stage. Fang met Swalwell through a Chinese student organization and by 2014 had quickly “developed close ties to Swalwell’s office” and was a “bundler” for him — meaning that she helped him bring in big donors.

Axios reported, “Amid a widening counterintelligence probe, federal investigators became so alarmed by Fang’s behavior and activities that around 2015 they alerted Swalwell to their concerns — giving him what is known as a defensive briefing. Swalwell immediately cut off all ties to Fang, according to a current U.S. intelligence official, and he has not been accused of any wrongdoing.”

Fang’s sexual relationships with other political figures have prompted speculation about the nature of her relationship with Swalwell that the congressman has thus far declined to answer. “Fang’s relationships with at least two Midwestern mayors turned sexual, according to Axios, with at least two incidents being caught by FBI surveillance,” Fox News notes. “When asked about the nature of Swalwell’s relationship with Fang, the Democratic congressman’s office declined to comment.”

Eric Swalwell has given a whole new meaning to the phrase “caught with your pants down.” The House Intelligence Committee member has attempted to blame President Trump for the scandal surrounding him, claiming this is revenge for Swalwell’s participation in the Impeachment trial and continued touting of false Russian collusion claims. It seems Swalwell thinks that when President Trump isn’t running the country he is involved in backdoor meetings with journalists to bring down Democrats.


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