Conservative commentator Ann Coulter predicted an ignominious end to the government shutdown, Tuesday. She thinks President Trump will give up on the wall, and give in to the Democrats.

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In an interview with radio host Mark Simone, Coulter noted, “the president and I have had a little tiff.”

She continued: “For one thing, he actually did shut down the government — though don’t worry, he will fold in the end.”

Coulter decried the president last month after the senate passed a continuing resolution to stave off a government shutdown that didn’t allocate funding for a border wall. Trump reversed course shortly after, re-upping his demand for a border wall and sending the government into a partial shutdown that’s now on day 12.

Coulter added “the one person who deserves the most credit of all — for going ballistic when Trump caved on wall funding right before Christmas — which I think we got him to take back — is Matt Drudge. He was the one who put it up as the siren.”

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