Via Trump Train News:

If Trump’s campaign challenges in court fall short and he does not get a second term in the White House, it’s still unlikely we’ve seen the last of Trump.

Two sources “familiar with conversations” inside Trump’s sphere told Axios that Trump is speaking with his advisers about running again in 2024.

According to Axios, Republican aides of likely 2024 challengers are fearful of another Trump White House bid:

Aides advising Republicans who are likely to run in 2024 are dreading the prospect of a Trump run given the extraordinary sway he holds over millions of GOP voters.

Even four years after leaving office, he could remain formidable in a Republican primary.

Aides for other potential White House suitors have plenty of reasons to be scared. A recent poll, which it didn’t include President Trump showed another Trump polling significantly high.

A July poll from Leger showed Pence at 31%, Donald Trump Jr. at 17%, Nikki Haley at 11%, Mitt Romney at 9%, Ted Cruz at 8% and Tucker Carlson at 7%.

If President Trump was included in the poll it’s hard to envision him not leading the pack based on Pence and Trump Jr.’s poll numbers.

Given Trump’s ability to churn a headline whether it be on TV or via Twitter, he will have an unprecedented ability to remain front and center during a Biden presidency.

Additionally, there have been rumors that Trump could buy an existing media company – possibly OAN or Newsmax – or start his own network with his son-in-law Jared Kushner to compete with Fox News.

According to Business Insider:

“ Jared Kushner has been talking up the idea of starting a Donald Trump-themed news outlet or some other media company, possibly as soon as after the election…

Kushner has floated the idea to Republicans and media types throughout the year, according to three of the people. But the increased chatter about the rise of another conservative media outlet, possibly branded under the Trump name, has kicked up even more over the past few weeks…”

Trump’s ownership of a multimedia news organization would further his ability to stay front and center in political conversations should he set up a 2024 campaign and Kushner’s background in media would be a valuable asset in doing so. Kushner owned a stake in the New York Observer which he sold when his father-in-law became President.

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