Via Trump Train News:

With the release of the transcript of Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine in which he prodded him to investigate Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings talk of impeachment is in the air, especially among unhinged House Democrats, who refuse to let facts get in the way of their bizarre blood crusade against the President. 

But there is a strong possiblity that the Democrats’ impeachment obsession may come back to bite them in the end, and could actually be part of Trump’s grand plan to destroy Joe Biden once and for all. 

If one actually reads the rules for a Senate impeachment trial (which can be found here), in particular sections 105 and 106, you can see that during such a trial the Senate will have full authority to call whatever witnesses it sees fit.

The big problem for the Democrats is that this is almost certain to include Democrat Presidential frontrunner Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, and force them to go on the record and provide all documents relating to their corrupt buisness dealings in Ukraine. 

This could turn into a massive disaster for the Democrat party, as not only do they not have any meaningful evidence that the President committed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ but they also don’t have the votes in the Senate to convict and remove the President.  However if they hold an impeachment trial anyway, which seems what much of their radical base wants to do, they will destroy their only potentially electable Presidential candidate in Joe Biden by having his family’s corruption exposed to the entire country. 

No doubt President Trump knows this and has skillfully baited an unhinged and radical Democrat party into potentially making a fatal mistake. 

As the old saying goes: The Democrats should be careful what they wish for…because they just might get it.


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