Via Trump Train News:

Conservative movement leaders are calling on state legislators to appoint new electors in accordance with the Constitution. In a letter, conservatives claim that multiple battleground states violated state and federal election laws by allowing last-minute changes to the mail-in election process. These eleventh-hour changes ultimately were to the benefit of Democrat Joe Biden.

The letter proposed by the Conservative Action Project follows a similar argument as a recent lawsuit filed by Texas against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to the Supreme Court. The Texas lawsuit alleges that the four battleground states allowed the Covid-19 pandemic to wrongfully justify election officials to make changes to federal and election laws.

Over a month since Election day and claims of widespread voter irregularities still overpower the airwaves. These irregularities have prompted conservative leaders to unite and call on battleground states Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan to appoint new electors to the Electoral College to support President Trump.

The Electoral Count Act sets up how a change in electors could take place. The Act directs the state’s governor to certify the election results and a board of electors to represent the will of the people. Typically, the governor will certify electors chosen by the party of the presidential candidate who won the given state.

However, the Electoral Count Act also allows that in the event of “failed elections” where voters haven’t made a choice for president, state legislatures are given the power to intervene and appoint electors. As the November election is still filled with claims of widespread fraud and irregularities these battleground states have the duty to appoint clean slates of electors to ensure the integrity of the presidential election.


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