Conservative activist, Ryan Bomberger, an African-American adopted after being conceived in rape had the audacity to expose Planned Parenthood’s legacy: killing more black children than the bigoted KKK could’ve ever imagined. (Daily Wire)

 Writing for LifeNews, Bomberger claims that a meme he had created for #WorldPopulationDay in which he blasted Planned Parenthood for their killing of black children was censored by Instagram for supposedly violating “community guidelines.”

“Instagram deleted our post, threatening to restrict or disable our account if we violate their guidelines again,” said Bomberger. “The meme wasn’t threatening violence–it denounced racial violence, no matter the era. But Titans of Tolerance have no interest in the truth. They can delete our posts, and even our account, but they can’t delete the truth. And of course, there was no due process, no appeal process, no one to reach to correct this injustice. There was no option other than to click OK and the purge was complete.”

Obviously, the meme makes some unsettling claims, but the URL provided in the meme demonstrates some chilling, undeniable facts. Bomberger continues: “An image of a noose appears above those words as an instrument of racial violence (which killed an estimated 3,446 African-Americans). Today, an estimated 247 black lives are killed every day by Planned Parenthood with forceps, chemicals and other devices.”

Bomberger acknowledges that the image of a noose could offend some people, but the offense they take is offset by the cold reality that people seem to ignore.

To further drive home his point, Bomberger highlighted Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s history of advocating for racist policies and eugenics in particular. 

Read more at American Action News

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