Via The Hollywood Conservative:

Fired former FBI Director James Comey is making headlines again after new documents revealed a possible hidden motive for the FBI was the entrap then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

A video from 2018 shows James Comey bragging about how he was able to get away with essentially creating a perjury trap for Flynn.

According to Town Hall:

A 2018 video of former FBI Director James Comey is circulating again after the Department of Justice released bombshell documents that appear to show the FBI was planning a perjury trap for President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In the clip, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace asks Comey who went around protocol to send FBI agents directly into the White House to interview the retired general in January 2017.

“I sent them,” Comey reveals.

“[S]omething I probably wouldn’t have done and maybe gotten away with in a more organized investigation,” he added.


The Washinton Post also provided a fact check of the situation conducted in May 2018:

In a letter dated May 11 to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) quoted from notes taken by a “career, nonpartisan law enforcement officer” who attended a March 15, 2017, briefing by Comey. The agent quoted Comey as saying the FBI agents “saw nothing that led them to believe [he was] lying.” Grassley also quoted from committee staff notes that “agents saw no change in his demeanor or tone that would say he was being untruthful.”

The majority report of the House Intelligence Committee includes a finding that FBI agents “did not detect any deception during Flynn’s interview.” As evidence, the report quotes Comey from a private briefing on March 2, 2017: “the agents … discerned no physical indications of deception. They didn’t see any change in posture, in tone, in inflection, in eye contact. They saw nothing that indicated to them that he knew he was lying to them.”

Comey is admitting to not following proper protocol by sending agents into the White House without first contacting the White House Counsel’s office. He used the chaos of a new administration to set up a political rival. But why? What was he afraid of?


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