Via Trump Train News:

Reporters should really learn one simple lesson: if you’re going to go after Kayleigh McEnany you better be correct. Clearly, CNN’s Anderson Cooper hasn’t learned his lesson yet as he falsely accused the White House Press Secretary’s husband Sean Gilmartin of cheering her on during a White House press briefing. CNN host Anderon Cooper told viewers that Gilmartin shouted, “You crushed it, Kayleigh!” as she concluded the briefing and left the room. It wasn’t long before McEnany set the record straight for Cooper and his little band of critics.

Not only did McEnany blow major holes in Cooper’s claims but she brought the evidence to back it up. McEnany posted the official White House Pool report which clearly identified the cheers came from a nearby reporter for First Class Fatherhood and not her husband.

Fox News reports:

Fox News has confirmed the pool report by Chris Johnson is correct. Initially, people in the briefing room thought it was her husband who shouted, but the report was quickly corrected when photographers and technicians in the back of the room informed Johnson it was not Gilmartin who complimented McEnany’s performance.

An unverified Twitter user representing First Class Fatherhood then admitted he was the person who shouted and posted photos taken inside the briefing room as proof he was in attendance.

“Sorry for all the trouble this caused,” he wrote. “But you crushed it as usual today!”

Will the lamestream media ever stray from their fruitless attempts to get the best of Kayleigh McEnany? Probably not but it sure is fun to keep watching her win.

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