In an amazing example of just how out of touch they were with the American people Tuesday, CNN prefaced the release of their very positive State of the Union reaction poll by claiming it wasn’t representative of the nation. “It’s not representative of the country overall it is a poll of people who watched the speech. Well, who watches a State of the Union address? Fans of the person giving it,” declared Political Director David Chalian.

After coming back from a commercial break host Wolf Blitzer was eager to get to CNN’s polling data and even more eager to discredit the poll as nothing special. “We’re now getting the first results of our instant poll of people who actually watched the President’s speech. David Chalian our political director is here, give us the numbers and give us the explanation that this is not necessarily a national poll,” he announced.

Chalian was quick to point out that more Republicans were probably watching than Democrats. “So it is definitely an audience that skews a little bit more towards Republicans than Democrats in the Obama years it was the reverse,” he asserted before giving the very positive results.

“Here’s what we found out. 48 percent of those who watched the speech tonight had a very positive reaction to the speech. 22 percent, somewhat positive,” Chalian reported. That means according to CNN’s own findings, 70 percent of those who watched the speech had some sort of positive reaction and less than 30 percent hated it.

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