Via Trump Train News:

CNN’s Jake Tapper just doesn’t know when to keep his opinions to himself. Recently, Tapper took to Twitter to engage in his favorite pastime which seems to be insulting Republicans. The Democrat claimed that Republicans should be nervous seeking employment in the future because of their political affiliations.

The Daily Wire reports:

On Friday, as the results of the presidential election were still being tabulated, CNN anchor Jake Tapper repeatedly mocked President Trump’s children, referring to them as “spawn.” Tapper referred to the “untethered and wild allegations being made by the president and his spawn” and encouraged people to “check out the Twitter feed of the president’s spawn, because it is like rantings in crayon by somebody having an LSD trip.”

The three-way conversation among Tapper and CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash and CNN’s White House correspondent Abby Phillip commenced with Tapper pronouncing, “Dana, the three of us have been noting the response or lack thereof from Republican officials when it comes to the untethered and wild allegations being made by the president and his spawn and his supporters about the election, all of the crazy and false claims about it being stolen.”

Tapper brought up a statement from GOP Utah Senator Mitt Romney, referring to it as “mealy mouthed” because Romney started by acknowledging President Trump was within his rights to request recounts or call for an investigation of alleged voting irregularities where evidence exists.

Tapper attacks anyone who supports Trump or is related to him. His sad displays on social media seem to be the only way he can remain relevant.


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