Via Trump Train News:

CNN’s Brian Stelter is changing his tune and has begun singing praises for Fox News amid the news network prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden. Stelter has openly criticized Fox News for years, even casting blame on them after the Tree of Life synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh in 2018. But now Stelter is saying Fox News has a “great decision desk.”

The out of character comment came during an interview with Newsmax’s CEO Chris Ruddy. During their conversation, Rudy questioned Fox’s reasoning behind calling Arizona so quickly yet then waiting hours to call Florida for Trump.

The Daily Wire reported their dialogue:

RUDDY: They called Arizona with 14 percent of the vote in. Many other networks never called it. Meanwhile, they wouldn’t call Florida for hours. Why? What was going on at Fox News that they didn’t want to give the president the sense that he was winning or had the potential shot of winning?

STELTER: Fox has a great decision desk. I respect their decision desk. They don’t — they don’t — they don’t do it like that. They don’t play games like that, Chris.

RUDDY: I think media malpractice. Let’s look at the Fox News poll. It was off by what, eight points? Almost every poll was — the data coming out of Fox was not good at all.

STELTER: Yes, we’re going to get into polls, but the Fox — the Fox polls are scientific. They were trying their best.

What could have possibly led to Stelter’s change of heart?

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