Via Trump Train News:

CNN’s Brian Stelter is continuing his insanity by now blaming right-wing media for the push to keep Joe Biden from debating President Trump.

The only problem is that CNN has pushed this theory. We wrote about it HERE. 

According to Fox News:

CNN media pundit Brian Stelter raised eyebrows On Monday night after he said that “mostly right-wing media” is behind the growing push for Joe Biden not to debate President Trump — despite high-profile calls from The New York Times and even CNN personalities for the former vice president to skip the events. political editor and Fox News contributor Guy Benson quipped about the puzzling media trend, writing, “This ‘Biden shouldn’t debate’ boomlet is just a media tempest, right? Right?”

“It is mostly a right-wing media tempest, fueled by hour after hour of Fox commentary (not reporting), far removed from campaign reality …,” the CNN pundit told Benson.

Benson shot back with a screenshot made by Reagan Battalion of various headlines from The New York Times, Newsweek, even CNN, where Stelter’s own colleague Joe Lockhart urged Biden to not debate Trump.

Stelter seems to have no shame in his efforts to be more of a political operative than a journalist.


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