Via American Action News:

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell decided to use her platform Tuesday to promote Cuba’s crumbling socialist experiment.

While Senator Sanders’ stubborn defense of authoritarian socialism isn’t surprising, Mitchell’s aggressive defense of the Vermont Senator is – especially considering her husband is Reagan appointed former Fed chair, Alan Greenspan. 

News Busters’ Alex Christy has more:

Mitchell began by telling Margaret Carlson of The Daily Beast, “I covered Cuba for years, there’s a lot of great things to say about their social services, their education, their health system.” Great things include Potemkin clinics for foreigners, high abortion rates to help the government fudge statistics, and the sending of doctors to work in slave-like conditions in foreign countries for propaganda purposes. As for education, how “great” can it when the government heavily censors material?

She seemed much more concerned about the political ramifications of being “controversial”, asking “has Sanders stepped into something in that it is controversial with voters in Florida, a lot of people.”

Carlson tried to save Mitchell from herself. She declared Sanders has already lost Florida and as to the larger point declared, “You can say in an kind of offhand way that Castro did a lot for literacy in Cuba, but you have to immediately acknowledge what awful things he did: forced labor camps, all kinds of repression, killed his own people and there’s simply no way to balance the two.”

Mitchell, however, then judged the real villain of the story was not Sanders for defending a communist dictator, but Bloomberg for pointing it out, even if in an imperfect way.

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