Via American Action News:

CNN’s liberal talking heads denounce President Trump as racist multiple times a day.

Unfortunately, they overlook the tendencies of at least one of their employees.

Mohammed Elshamy resigned after his viciously anti-semitic tweets resurfaced, including one that cheered the deaths of “4 jewish pigs” in a terrorist attack. 

News Busters’ Nicholas Fondacaro has more:
On Thursday, CNN photo editor Mohammed Elshamy was exposed as an anti-Semite after numerous political operatives and news outlets dove into his Twitter history and discovered his hatred. Elshamy has since made his Twitter account private.

In a series of tweets, political strategist Arthur Schwartz highlighted Elshamy’s elation at the news Jews were killed by terrorists in Jerusalem back in 2011. “More than 4 jewish pigs killed in #Jerusalem today by the Palestinian bomb explode,” he wrote.

He seemed to celebrate the killings, tweeting: “HAMAS HAMAS HAMAS #Anti-Israel #Gaza #Palestine #Hamas”.

Daily Wire reporter Jordan Schachtel pointed out that Elshamy was celebrating a terrorist attack that “killed a Christian woman who was studying in Israel & severely injured a 14-year-old Israeli girl who would succumb to her wounds 6 yrs later. The attack injured 39 more.”
Reporters from the Washington Free Beacon found more anti-Semitic tweets Elshamy posted during the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian uprising.

CNN accepted Elshamy’s resignation late Thursday night.

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