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CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta just destroyed the left’s unhealthy mask obsession. Gupta recently criticized the Centers for Disease Control for its overly cautious mask guidances that don’t follow the science, especially when it comes to wearing masks outdoors and vaccinated persons wearing masks.

Fox News reports:

Gupta was asked by “New Day” host Brianna Keilar about Sen. Susan Collins’, R-Maine, comments from a Tuesday Senate committee hearing, in which she declared she no longer considered CDC guidance to be the “gold standard.”

“It pains me to say this, but I see where she’s coming from, Senator Collins, on this,” Gupta responded, before explaining there was a concern at the beginning of the pandemic that the CDC wasn’t providing scientifically based guidance, and, as a result, the country didn’t react the way it should have.

“The science is not necessarily being followed to the same extent, and as a result, we’re probably doing things that we don’t need to be doing,” Gupta said. “In the end, the CDC needs to be just a science-based organization. What does the science say? You don’t need to wear a mask outside. It’s just one of these things that, again, we’ve known this for some time. We didn’t know in the beginning. We’ve all learned a lot over the past year.”

“If you’re vaccinated, I don’t think you need to wear a mask indoors either,” Gupta said. “This is what the science is sort of showing, and I think the CDC just needs to probably say that. They’re erring on the side of caution. I get it. I think we’ve all been traumatized here, but I think at this point it has to be very clear what the science shows, and what you can do as a result of that.”

Media institutions have become increasingly critical of the CDC’s guidance which has come to make less and less sense as more data becomes available about Covid-19 and infection rates.

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