Former operatives for Hillary Clinton are reportedly targeting former Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz in an attempt to take him down.

According to The Daily Wire:

Just a day after announcing that he was strongly considering a presidential run as an independent in 2020, former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was greeted by a protester at a campaign-style event who wanted him to know that he was an “egotistical billionaire a**hole” who was going to get Donald Trump re-elected. By Wednesday, former Hillary Clinton operatives had already launched an effort to organize more disruptions and protests targeting the not-radical-enough Schultz.

Adam Parkhomenko, the founder of activist group Ready for Hillary and a Clinton campaign staffer, has launched the unequivocally named website,, to make sure Schultz gets to meet more indignant hecklers denouncing his obscene financial success and selfish plans to ruin the Democrats’ hopes of dethroning Trump.

“As Schultz embarks on a monthslong national tour, one well-known Democratic strategist wants to make sure he faces more protesters like the one who interrupted him Monday night in New York City by shouting, ‘Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical billionaire a******,” NBC News reports.

“Howard Schultz has spent a lot of time in the last 24 hours telling America that ideas from women are un-American,” said Parkhomenko, NBC reports. “He’s as dumb and out of touch as his idiotic indy bid would suggest.”

The Dems obviously see his as a threat especially as the lifelong Democrat goes on the offensive against the crowded field of Dem contenders, which looks like it could include Hillary.

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