Via Trump Train News:

Chris Wallace spoke out against Facebook and Twitter’s decision to censor a recent New York Post story involving Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden saying the move “smacks him of Big Brother.” On Wednesday, bombshell evidence became public where Hunter Biden’s emails were recovered showing that Joe Biden had met with a top executive of Burisma Holdings despite continually denying he ever spoke with Hunter regarding any of his overseas business dealings.

After the Post story was published Andy Stone, the Facebook Policy Communication Director, announced that Facebook would be “reducing its distribution on our platform.” Shortly after, Twitter did the same and would not allow users to share the story claiming it violated their “hacked materials policy.”

“I’ve got a real problem with that. I think you’re either in or you’re out,” Wallace said. “And when I say that, either it’s the Wild West and you post everything — and I can understand the concern about that after what happened in 2016 with Russian disinformation — or you put everything out there and if you have a problem with some of it … then put a word on there to your users and say, ‘We can’t confirm this story’ or ‘There’s some questions with this story.’

“But to just ban it and to say, ‘Nobody is allowed to discuss this story or post this story’ — which, you know, is out there and you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, it was the front page of the New York Post — really strikes me as smacking of Big Brother.”

Wallace said Friday that those moves had “backfired because … it has created not just a story about the story, but a story about how big [social] media giants are.”

“Not saying it’s not true,” he added, “but it seems to me it needs a lot of investigation. The guy who ran the computer store is supposedly legally blind, he’s not sure who even came in with the computers. He says that, although the story keeps changing, that he gave it to the FBI last December. But, you know, they’re not confirming that.

Republicans have been quick to call out the big tech companies for their decision to censor the story, saying they will be seeking legal action against them.

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