By William Ide -, Public Domain,

Via AAN:

China has reportedly begun to construct extensive fortifications along it’s 3,000 mile long border with its southern neighbors.

The Details: 12-Foot High Fences and advanced cameras and motion detectors have begun to sprout up in the past several years along China’s border with neighboring Vietnam and Myanmar.

The new fortifications are reportedly all a part of China’s controversial ‘zero-covid’ policy, which aims at allowing China to isolate itself from much of the rest of the world in order to reduce the flow of covid-19 positive foreign travelers to zero.

According to the Wall Street Journal one border village, Xiaoguangnong, has even witnessed the installation of high-tech facial recognition cameras which can distinguish locals from foreigners.

The new measures have had a major impact on cross-border exchange, with all trade now being forced to be funneled through official border crossings.

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1 year ago

Every country has borders to protect except F Joe Biden’s America. Biden’s puppet masters are flooding states with illegals and pushing no ID or proof of citizenship to vote. Anyone else see this as a blatant rigging of our elections?