Via TTN:

Thursday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney to the January 6th select committee which will investigate the events of the Capitol riot. On Wednesday, the House voted to form the select committee and Rep. Cheney was one of only two Republicans to vote in favor of it.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘We’re very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee,’ Pelosi said at her news conference Thursday when announcing news Cheney would join the panel.

Cheney voted to impeach Trump at his second trial when he was accused of insurrection over January 6 and voted for the creation of the committee.

‘I am honored to have been named to serve,’ Cheney said in a statement.

‘Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814,’ Cheney said in her statement.  ‘What happened on January 6th can never happen again.’

Cheney has been a heavy critic against former President Trump and his role on Jan. 6th. Her constant criticism of the former president caused House Republicans to rebuke her and oust her from her role as House Republican Conference Chair. Cheney was then replaced by New York Rep. Elise Stefanik.

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1 year ago

It figures the demoscum would pick someone who suffers from TDS so badly it has become an obsession. Definetly not a republican anymore, if she even was one to begin with.

John Wood
1 year ago

Cheney and Romney need to switch parties sine they are really Democraps at heart.

1 year ago
Reply to  John Wood

Agree both hypocrites

Gary Von Neida
1 year ago

This is shaping up as a Joseph Stalin SHOW TRIAL–or worse; Liz , the R.I.N.O. need not be listed as a Republican and if the rest of the Republicans join in on the DOG&PONY Show–they are STUPID.

1 year ago

Perfect candidate is Cheney joint Pelosi who she so like