Via Trump Train News:

A cafe owner who has a history of being charitable is under fire after it became known that he voted for President Trump.

According to The Daily Wire:

The New York Times published the article, titled, “The Cafe Has Black Lives Matter Signs. The Owner Voted for Trump.” The article outlines throughout all the liberal and good things the owner, Thomas Bosco, has done for the community, yet none of that matters because of who he voted for in 2016. From the Times:

When a worker did not have child care, Mr. Bosco provided it on site, Mr. Bosco and another employee said. They also said that when a different worker feared being stopped by the police and questioned about his immigration status, Mr. Bosco drove that person to and from the cafe.

Yet none of this mattered because Bosco checked the box for Trump in 2016 and may do so again this year. At least, he was considering voting for Trump again. After the backlash, he now says he isn’t sure. As the Times reported, Bosco wrote an open letter to his community in which he defended his answer and said the MSNBC segment left out important context from his answer:

I answered honestly and from the heart. However, my answer was very much cut short and taken without context in the 9-minute edited version. It missed that I supported, and voted for the last 4 Presidents (including 2 Democrats), that my views are “between the 40’s”/ middle of the road, that I found many things troubling about our administration, but at the end I support the President, the Governor and the Mayor. The headline attributed to me was actually meant for the other guest. It cut out the pain and trouble I find with some things our President says and does. It left out the trouble I was having supporting him. It left out my desire that we all communicate, care for each other, and be examples of the ethic and attitude we wish those that serve us should have.

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