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30 days ago

Totally agree with Amanda’s comments except the suggestion of impeaching PINO, Joe Biden. As Col. Richard Kemp, former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan. He said Biden should NOT be impeached, rather, as the “Commander in Chief”, he should be “courtmartialed.” Much more appropriate.

29 days ago

right on Amanda, not only did the administration fu**up this, they screw up all they touch. Biden is weak, the wolves of the world know it, They see advantages and opportunities to take us down.. look for more embarrassing situations world wide if this administration continuues to screw it up. this is daftness and ineptness on parade for all the world + american citizens to see!! If we lose our arms, we will look like australia, venezuela, cuba, China, et al. first the arms, then the marxist pressure from the weak kneed, stupid, corrupt top, Happens every time, we can not allow this administration to continue.

Betty DeHaven
Betty DeHaven
23 days ago

Joe Biden is a traitor to our country. He is not in Afghanistan when the Taliban comes to take the women and children. He is not there when families are killed by the Taliban. He is not there when men give their wives and daughters guns and tell them when the Taliban comes, they can choose to kill them or kill themselves. Biden was not there to speak to the American people during the election, because he was hiding in his basement. Biden will be on his knees when God passes judgment on Judgment Day.