Via American Action News:

Reporter Yashar Ali posted a Twitter thread explaining that the unnamed whistleblower – who shared the video of ABC anchor Amy Robach complaining about her squashed Epstein exposé – has been fired at CBS News.

In the video, Robach fumes about how her team coaxed one of Epstein’s victims to speak out – after 12 years in hiding. Her investigation linked Epstein to former President Bill Clinton, Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, attorney Alan Dershowitz, and other powerful men.

But before the report could air, ABC News executives killed the story, ostensibly because the network wanted access to Britain’s royal family.


ABC News claims Robach’s reporting failed to meet their editorial standards, despite their track record of blunders.

Still, ABC News chiefs have gotten their revenge on Robach’s former co-worker. One day after Project Veritas posted her leaked video, senior officials at ABC pressured her new employer, CBS News, to fire her.



The Right Scoop further reports:

So there you go. ABC News destroyed the career of their whistleblower but the Trump ‘whistleblower’ needs to be protected at all costs.

Here’s a little Twitter reaction…



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