Via American Action News:

It’s no secret that Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and President Donald Trump have had their differences. 
The Golden State’s chief executive is involved with at least 68 politically-charged lawsuits against the president.

However, there is one critical area where he is praising the commander-in-chief’s actions, and not just in private.
Mediaite’s Leia Idliby reports:

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) called Donald Trump’s coronavirus response “proactive” on The View after host Joy Behar questioned him on their new positive relationship, specifically asking if he’s kissing the president’s ring to avoid retribution.

“Governor, it’s no secret that you’ve had a combative relationship with Trump in the past, but lately, you’ve been praising him for the help he’s giving. Of course, you have to, because look at how he treats governors who don’t kiss his ring,” Behar said. “The governor of Washington, the governor of Michigan, he said they were not appreciative and told Mike Pence, ‘don’t call them back.’ Do you feel like you have to feed this guy’s ego to get the respirators, to get the PPEs, is that what’s going on?”

While Newsom reiterated his differences with Trump, he made clear that his collaboration with the administration has been productive.

“All I can say is that, from my perspective, the relationship has been strong,” Newsom said. “I’m not doing it to kiss the ring, I’m not doing it in a way, you know, — I’m just being forthright with the president. He returns calls, he reaches out, he’s been proactive.”

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