A suspected Islamic State fighter wanted for murder in Iraq faces the prospect of extradition after being arrested by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in California – where he had applied for refugee status. (The Daily Caller)

 Federal authorities say that Omar Ameen, 45, is wanted for the June 21, 2014, murder of an Iraqi police officer from the town of Rawah in the Anbar province.

An Iraqi court alleges that Ameen and a group of ISIS fighters entered Rawah after the town was overtaken by the terrorist group. Ameen and other ISIS members drove to the home of the officer, Ihsan Abdulhafiz Jasim, and allegedly began firing at him. Ameen allegedly shot Jasim, who was lying on the ground, on behalf of ISIS.

According to an extradition document filed in federal court Wednesday, Ameen fled Rawah following the alleged crime and settled in Sacramento.

Authorities say that Ameen’s family helped foster the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda (AQI) in 2004. In addition to murder, Ameen is believed to have planted explosives while living in Iraq.

Ameen withheld his terrorist past in his application for refugee status. He reportedly also applied for a green card.

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