Far-left ex-CNN host Brian Stelter, who was ousted for being a partisan hack, has found a new gig in the weeks following his divorce from the leftist cable network.

Breitbart’s John Nolte reports:

After being fired from CNN, serial liar Brian Stelter will enjoy a soft and lucrative landing at far-left Harvard University.

Yes, on Monday, the following was announced…

“NEWS: @brianstelter is coming to the @Kennedy_School as the center’s 2022 Walter Shorenstein Fellow!” the Shorenstein Center Twitter account announced. “He’ll be holding a series of public events and community discussions about democracy and the role of the media in preserving it. Welcome, Brian!”

No serious university would invite Brian Stelter to lecture on anything other than the dangers of binge eating. But Harvard is not a serious university. It exists only to turn young people into fascist borgs and bribe the world’s Brain Stelters into doing what they are told.

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