Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

BREAKING: Defamation Lawsuit Verdict

  • Former President Donald Trump has been found liable for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll.
  • This decision comes after Carroll accused Trump of raping her in previous decades.
  • The jury is set to determine the amount Trump owes Carroll in monetary damages.

Previous Lawsuit & Additional Damages

  • E. Jean Carroll secured $5 million in damages from Trump in an earlier lawsuit; $2 million for sexual abuse and $3 million for defamation.
  • Following a CNN interview where Trump insulted Carroll post her victory, she seeks additional damages.
  • Trump’s defense is set to contest the new claims, seeing them as interruptions to ongoing legal matters.
  • Carroll’s recent legal move aims to update her 2019 defamation lawsuit, incorporating the recent decisions and Trump’s latest CNN comments.

Trump’s CNN Response

  • During a CNN town hall, Trump denied Carroll’s rape allegations, emphasizing his non-liability.
  • Trump raised doubts about Carroll’s narrative, particularly the incident in the department store, and made reference to Carroll adjusting her story about unlocked doors.
  • Trump stressed he would never partake in improper actions, discrediting the idea of engaging in an intimate situation in a store with a stranger.
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