Via Trump Train News:

The Boston Arts Commission has voted to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln in an almost unexplainable move.

According to The Daily Caller:

The Boston Arts Commission unanimously voted Tuesday to take down the city’s historic Emancipation Memorial after activists demanded the statue’s removal.

The memorial depicts Abraham Lincoln standing with one arm raised over a freed slave crouched on his knees. Broken chains are depicted around the black man’s wrists and the word “emancipation” is written at the statue’s base.

The statue was funded largely by contributions from former slaves, according to WBZ 4.

Tony Bullock from Dorchester, Massachusetts who started the petition:

“I’ve been watching this man on his knees since I was a kid. It’s supposed to represent freedom but instead represents us still beneath someone else. I would always ask myself ‘If he’s free why is he still on his knees?’ No kid should have to ask themselves that question anymore,” the petition said.

A similar one in Washington D.C. is also under fire with activists wanting it removed as well. Frederick Douglas spoke at its inauguration.

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