Will President Trump surrender his political leverage as congressional leadership attempts to twist his arm on border wall funding? (Breitbart)

This week, Trump will decide to either veto or sign the no-wall, multi-agency budget package for 2019, which GOP leaders have slapped together.

GOP leaders are urging Trump to sign the 2019 package by promising him they will pass a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill — with a border wall — after the election.

Several senior GOP leaders have openly said they will not fight the Senate Democrats’ bitter opposition to the wall, even after the election. The Senate’s draft DHS budget only includes $1.6 billion for border barrier work.

Likewise, the president’s White House Legislative Affairs Office has made no effort to halt the DHS spending bill, nor has there been a push for full border wall funding ahead of the budget showdown.

Trump reportedly recognizes he’s not on track to get the get the wall he promised. We shall see if he changes course.

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