These three words have been echoed throughout the country for the past couple of years. The media, big tech companies, schools, and social media platforms are but a few that are saturated with this display of so-called solidarity, which has seemingly extended far beyond the borders of this country.  
Yes, Black Lives Matter, unless you’re a Supreme Court Justice by the name of Clarence Thomas. The online retailer Amazon, founded by the very liberal billionaire Jeff Bezos, has been known to cancel content that does not comport with his politics. In the past, Amazon has removed books, de-platformed a social media app that is popular with disfranchised conservatives, and it’s latest move to remove a documentary film about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
The documentary film called Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words, just happened to disappear off of its streaming service with no explanation. What baffles most about this move, aside from the fact that it is censorship, is it happened during Black History Month. Sure, these words are worth repeating again: Black Lives Matter unless you’re Clarence Thomas. Unless you don’t tow the progressive line. Unless you don’t reside in the “Democrat plantation” that so many seem unable to escape. 
What is it with this film that does not resonate with Black Americans? His journey through the depths of poverty? His incredible rise to the Supreme Court? What kind of message does this send to the millions of black American children who live in this beautiful country? 
I would say that we were at a crossroads, but to be honest we are well beyond that. We are in danger of losing all the progress that folks like the late great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr fought for, and ultimately gave his life for. I pray that we can once again taste that equality, that true equality that we were meant to have. That equality that was bestowed upon us by God Almighty himself. 

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13 days ago

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