Via American Update:

Late-night comedian Bill Maher ripped into Hunter Biden’s corrupt ties to Ukraine and the liberal media’s refusal to report on them. As Fox News reports:

“Real Time” host Bill Maher slammed Hunter Biden’s business ties to Ukraine, suggesting MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow would be talking about it if it were one of President Trump’s children

Maher began by questioning whether former Vice President Joe Biden would benefit from the impeachment inquiry into Trump since he is “elevated” above the other 2020 candidates.

“The more I read about this- no, I don’t think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine, but it’s just- why can’t politicians tell their f—–‘ kids, ‘Get a job, get a godd–n job!”” Maher told the panel. “This kid was paid $600,000 because his name is Biden by a gas company in Ukraine, this super-corrupt country that just had a revolution to get rid of corruption. It just looks bad.’…

“It does sound like something Don Jr. would do,” Maher said. “And if Don Jr. did it, it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about

Maher is obviously right to call out the ridiculous double standard the liberal media has on the Ukraine fiasco. Liberals simply refuse to call out the obvious corrupt of the Bidens. Yet another reason why regular Americans long ago lost trust in them. 

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