The greatest scandal never sold by the media is Hillary’s laundering of $84 million; sold because if Trump did it, it would be part of his articles of impeachment. Reputable conservative publications including, but not limited to Fox News, Investors Business Daily, and the Federalist have devoted attention to the scandal, but only one legacy media mention. The Washington Post wrote a dismissive missive more or less saying that Hillary found a loophole, and you should be fine with that. 

To the Washington Post’s “credit”, they did publish the core argument in the Federal Election Commission complaint, filed by election lawyer Dan Backer. They also waited until the 13th paragraph to do so, “burying the lede” so that you would tune out before he had the chance to sway you with inconvenient facts. The issue is whether Hillary acted illegally when her campaign funneled money to a “joint fundraising committee”.

Backer said in the Post: 

“If state parties never had any actual custody or control, the ‘allocation’ of funds to them was never a contribution to them, but rather an attempt to paper the funds through strawmen on the way to the DNC, where the funds were placed under the control of Team Clinton in Brooklyn,” Backer wrote. 

“Thus, the $300,000(ish) from Calvin Klein was not a contribution to each of the participating entities, but rather an excessive contribution to at least the DNC, and since they took that money and put it under the custody and control of Team Clinton, it is an excessive contribution to the campaign. If that’s how it was pitched to donors (I’ll bet you a steak dinner on that one), those doing the pitching violated federal law.” 

This was a high-dollar shell game, where state parties pretended to take the donations from the Democratic National Committee, when in fact, the money was controlled by the Clinton campaign, is illegal according to the Supreme Court. Democrats want to play games over the money that was paid to Stormy Daniels but have $84 million reasons to whistle past the graveyards themselves, and no credibility when they complain about dirty money corrupting elections.

Read more at Trump Train News

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