Via Trump Train News:

Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who is a Democrat Senator from California, and California Governor Gavin Newsom recently visited the fire-ravaged communities of California. They decried climate change as the culprit without evidence and took time to take a photo op amid a smoldering home.

While their assertions of climate change lack evidence, the photo they took is all the evidence they need for the owners of the property they were standing on to accuse them of trespassing.

According to Fox News:

They stopped by Pine Ridge Elementary in Auberry, Calif., before walking across the street to observe a residence burnt to the ground.

“The fire just swept through. So everything is gone except the chimney. Those chimneys, they remind me – when you look at a neighborhood that’s been wiped out, those chimneys remind me of tombstones,” the Democratic vice presidential nominee said Tuesday.


In a Facebook post with over 1,000 shares, Trampas Patten says he is the son of the homeowners whose property was used in Harris’ photo. He said his family is frustrated that lawmakers can use his family’s loss for a photo op before the family itself has been allowed back on the property.

“What has me really frustrated right now is the fact that these two politicians used my parents loss for a photo opportunity to push their political agenda! Political party wouldn’t have made a difference in this moment,” Patten wrote. “Decent human beings that have character and class, wouldn’t air someone else’s misfortune on national television!

Patten powerfully asked in his post: “Do you want this kind of leadership, using you and your loss for political gain?!”

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