During an interview with NBC News’s Rita Braver, President Biden noted some things he would be willing to lose his presidency over after being asked how he handles the intense criticism he’s gotten over the last year. To her surprise, he said that would be willing to lose his presidency over his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Well, you know, I guess it should get to me more,” Biden answered, before resorting to his time-honored claim he was giving his “word as a Biden,” saying:

But look: one of the things we did decide, and I mean this, my word as a Biden, I know what I’m willing to lose over. If we walk away from the middle class, if we walk away from trying to unify people, if we start to engage in the same kind of politics that the last four years has done? I’m willing to lose over that.

“You mean, you’re willing to lose your presidency?” Braver asked, seemingly shocked.

“My presidency, that’s right,” Biden trumpeted. “Because I’m gonna stick with it. There’s certain things that are just, like for example Afghanistan. Well, I’ve been against that war in Afghanistan from the very beginning. We were spending $300 million a week in Afghanistan, over 20 years. Now, everybody says, ‘You could have gotten out without anybody being hurt.’ No one’s come up with a way to ever indicate to me how that happens. … And so, there are certain things that are just so important.”

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1 year ago

Does that incompetent nincompoop even know what he is saying? Doubtfull, or he would resign right now.

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6 months ago

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