Former Vice President Joe Biden went all in for the Antifa vote in his announcement video today, characterizing the domestic terror group as “courageous.”

Per The Daily Caller:

The violent methods of Antifa are well documented. The nebulous group often uses these violent means against peaceful conservative speakers, benign free speech advocates, and even journalists.

In a retelling of the events at a 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., Biden describes the white nationalists as having “crazed faces, illuminated by torches, veins bulging and baring the fangs of racism,” but describes the Antifa members who engaged violently with them as “a courageous group of Americans.”

“A violent clash ensued, and a brave young woman lost her life,” Biden says in the video. “And that’s when we heard the words of the president of the United States that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation.”

“He said there were quote some very fine people on both sides. Very fine people on both sides? With those words, the President of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it.”

Both racist white nationalists and radical Antifa members engaged in brutal violence that night. 

The young woman Biden refers to, Heather Heyer, died when a neo-Nazi ran over a group of peaceful demonstrators with his car.

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