Joe Biden Reverses On Hyde Amendment: ‘I Support A Woman’s Right To Choose’ - Screen Shot NBC News.

During a campaign stop in New Mexico Thursday, Biden announced to the audience that he was a professor after leaving the Vice Presidency. During the speech, he mentioned his position as an honorary professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Though he claimed to be a professor, he only gave a dozen lectures and never actually taught an entire semester-long course or held any administrative responsibilities. He was however heavily compensated.

During the time he held the position it was reported that he made about $900,000 and when he launched his presidential campaign in 2019, he went on an “unpaid leave.”

Along with boasting his ‘title’ at the campaign stop in New Mexico, Biden also was strangely boasting his friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to Fox News, Biden said:

“I spent more time with Xi Jinping of China than any world leader has. When I was vice president and when I was out of the office for four years and I was a professor, and now president.”

The speech was held at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque and was meant to discuss his student debt relief plan.

Read more on Fox News.

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