President Joe Biden was caught making what appeared to be an awkward flirtation towards a nurse who he thought was a college freshman.

The awkward encounter occurred video conference even he was doing with health care workers from Arizona.

As Fox News reports:

Are you a freshman at the university?” Biden asked Brittney Hayes at the end of a conversation in which she had laid out the process for getting shots to people at the State Farm Stadium vaccination site in Glendale.

“Noo. No,” said Hayes, who had described herself as being from the Arizona State University at the start of the talk — but who made clear she was the “head charge nurse” at the vaccination site.

“You look like a freshman!” Biden said, chuckling…

Biden continued his creepy remarks, circling back to discuss his attraction to young nurses:

The president replied: “I know having been a significant consumer of health care, I can tell — I know the vice president knows this, when I say it — doctors let you live, nurses make you want to live. If there’s any angels in heaven, they’re all nurses, male and female. And that’s not an exaggeration. That’s the God’s truth.”


Is there any depths to which Biden’s creepiness won’t stoop? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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