Via TTN:

President Biden is keeping his reputation for family hires going as he announces the nomination of House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn’s daughter to a federal commission. President Biden nominated Jennifer Clyburn Reed to serve as the federal chairperson of the Southeast Crescent Regional Commission (SCRC).

Fox News reports:

While Reed’s father, the House majority whip, does not have a hand in administration dealings, he did give a critical endorsement to Biden in the packed South Carolina Democratic primary election.

The political capital that Clyburn gained from his endorsement of Biden could have played a role in the president’s decision to nominate Reed to the position over someone who may be more qualified, according to government oversight group American Accountability Foundation, which uncovered the possible tie between the endorsement and nomination.

A White House officials defended the nomination saying Reed’s background in education makes her an excellent candidate for the position.

“Jennifer Clyburn Reed has a long history of serving her community and would bring importance and expertise to this position,” the official said. “Reed has a background in public education and focus on equity issues and historically underrepresented populations.”

“She will be a champion for rural communities, first generation college students, and public infrastructure in the region,” the official added.

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