Via TTN:

Joe Biden is asking the Supreme Court to intervene and review a lower court’s ruling on Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols. Biden, who has fought to put an end to the “Remain in Mexico” policy, was forced to reinstate the border policy after multiple states sued the administration.

President Trump introduced the policy in 2019 to curb the flow of illegal immigration. The policy states that those seeking to enter the United States for asylum must remain in Mexico until their immigration trial begins.

Fox News reports:

[Joe] Biden campaigned against the MPP and tried to get rid of it following his inauguration, but his attempts were blocked by a federal court after Texas and Missouri sued.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a memo to formally end the program in October, and DHS stressed to reporters at the time its view “that MPP has endemic flaws, imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts, and failed to address the root causes of irregular migration.”

Earlier this month, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that MPP had to be reinstated and that the DHS memo had no legal effect.

In its Wednesday petition, the Department of Justice asked the Supreme Court to clarify whether it must continue to implement the policy and whether the appeals court erred when it concluded the memo had no legal effect.

So far, the conservative-leaning Supreme Court has not indicated if it will review the Trump-era policy or if the lower courts ruling will stand.

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