Joe Biden is getting more bad news as his approval rating continues to plunge. A recent Economist/YouGov poll reported at only 39% of Americans approve of the work Biden is doing as President, another hit in his steadily declining rating.

Newsmax reports:

Just 39% approve of Biden’s overall job performance and a near majority (49%) disapprove; the 10-point negative rating is the first time Biden has been underwater during his eight-month presidency, according to the poll results.

The collapse in the overall approval rating represents a six-point drop in just one week, and Democrats were even more inclined to drop their approval in a nine-point swing, from 86% down to 77%.

“There are many reasons for Biden’s slump: economic concerns, the continuing COVID-19 surge and restrictions, reminders of past terrorist attacks, and the difficulties that arose in the pullout from Afghanistan,” YouGov pollsters wrote in their analysis.

“For the first time, a greater share of Americans disapprove (45%) of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic than approve (42%),” according to the pollsters. “This week, just 40% approve of the president’s handling of jobs and the economy, while 47% disapprove. In previous weeks, more usually have approved than have disapproved.”

The survey also reported at 60% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

I’d like to know why is approval rating is so high amongst his Party, and why his approval rating at 39% is that high with the issues mentioned but nonmentioned are the border crisis furthering the severity of the pandemic of course and the cartel activity bringing more drugs in that are killing Americans – why is Biden still in office is what I want to know!

1 year ago

the whole Biden administration is corrupt evil and anti American. Biden belong in an Alzheimer unit for the rest of his life

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22 days ago

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