Via Trump Train News:

Two Republican representatives are fighting back against the Biden administration’s now-paused plan to administer Covid-19 vaccines to detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Iowa Representative Ashley Hinson and New York’s Elise Stefanik are introducing a resolution that will officially block the United States Department of Defense from delivering vaccines to prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay “and detained during operations conducted during the Global War on Terrorism until all Americans have had the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

Fox News reports:

“Americans need to get the vaccine before terrorists, and it’s upsetting to me that that even was a question, and I think we need to make sure the administration is held accountable for this and thats what I think this resolution does,” Hinson told Fox News in an interview on Monday. “It puts a spotlight on the thinking and the planning that was going on behind this.”
The resolution states that “efforts by the United States Government to provide vaccinations for COVID-19 should prioritize United States citizens.”

“It is inexcusable and un-American that President Biden is prioritizing vaccines for Gitmo terrorist detainees over American citizens, including veterans, first responders, 9/11 first responders, and seniors,” Stefanik said in a statement. “Every American should have access to vaccines before these heinous terrorists.”

The resolution notes that as of Jan 27, approximately 22 million Americans – about seven percent of the population, have been vaccinated. Hinson told Fox News that many of her constituents are concerned about their access to the vaccine, and that a recent 16 percent increase in vaccine for Iowa is “barely scratching the surface.”

On Saturday, the Pentagon announced it was placing a “pause” on the plan to vaccinate detainees after receiving swift backlash.

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