Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly warned Tucker Carlson Monday night that he, too, would be banned from twitter. 

The social media platform has banned multiple high-profile conservtives in recent months, and Kelly believes they will continue to deplatform conservatives.

The Hill has more:

“Why did Twitter take you off its platform?” Carlson asked late Monday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Nobody knows. Twitter kicked me off the platform because I was a mainstream voice on the Right that spoke the truth,” replied Kelly, a two-time congressional candidate. “They’ve given me no explanation [after] they told Congress they would give explanations

Kelly during a discussion with Carlson three months ago predicted he would be kicked off Twitter  after conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones was removed.

“They did exactly what I said they would do. They came for Alex Jones first because he’s a nut job and they wanted to see how the rate would react,” Kelly told Carlson at the time. “They got him and I knew they were coming for me. If they will come for you too.”

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