Two left-leaning Arizona counties count ballots differently from the others–and that doesn’t sit well with Arizona Republicans. 

The two counties allegedly allow voters to fix problems with their ballots AFTER the polls close–giving them an unfair advantage over the rest of the state.

NBC News has more: 

The suit filed Wednesday by four county Republican parties alleges that the state’s 15 county recorders don’t follow a uniform standard for allowing voters to adjust problems with their mail-in ballots, and that two counties improperly allow those fixes after Election Day.

The GOP complained about the issue before Election Day and threatened to sue. Democrats alleged it was attempted voter suppression and that recorders have followed the same procedures for years with no issues. Republicans said it was about following the law and having a timely ballot count.

The sluggish count is a perennial issue for Arizona, but has rarely received such a high level of attention because the GOP-leaning state generally has had few nationally-watched nail-biting contests.

The lawsuit alleges that signature verification must stop when polls close, and seeks an injunction to stop the counting of such ballots that have been verified after then. It’s unclear how many of these votes still remain outstanding, but the suit singles out the state’s two biggest urban counties, the center of support for Sinema. It says the two counties allow voters to help clear up signature problems up to five days after the election.

What do you think? Is the suite about voter suppression, or fairness? 

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