Via Trump Train News:

The Democrat Mayor of Atlanta Keisha Bottoms is claiming that Trump is responsible for the death of an 8-year-old girl who was murdered in the city amid protests.

According to The Daily Wire:

Late on Saturday, Secoriea Turner was killed when a car she was riding in was shot up near the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed last month after he resisted arrest and fired a taser in the direction of a pursuing officer.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Bottoms how such a tragic incident could occur. “I want to just get right to Secoriea, 8 years of age. You said it over the weekend. She was a baby,” said Baldwin. “How could this happen?”

“I was listening to [Chicago] Mayor [Lori] Lightfoot, she summed it up,” Bottoms said. “We talk about systemic racism and the trauma and anxiety and all these things that are happening in our communities. And it is this convergence.”

“And I hate to use the word a perfect storm, but it’s where we are in this country right now,” Bottoms continued. “And you think about the leadership or the lack thereof that we have coming from the highest office in the land. I think that you are seeing so many emotions play out. And so, too often, it’s playing out in violence in our streets.”


The only evidence to back up the claims made by the Atlanta mayor suggests that the 8-year-old was killed as a result of violence in her city. Nothing backs up her accusations against the President.


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