Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) can’t help herself, especially when she plays humanity’s moral arbiter on social media.

On Sunday night she questioned whether or not we should still have children while making dinner at her luxury Washington, D.C. apartment. (Louder With Crowder)

You could dismiss this as a throwaway line: AOC said a thing while playing a social media influencer. On its own, it’s not necessarily a big deal. Except left-wing extremists have made it clear what they’re about when it comes to having kids. Don’t believe me, check out Environmentalists Openly Blaming People with ‘Too Many Children’ for Climate Change. If they could snap their fingers like Thanos and eliminate half the population, they’d do it.

The Green New Deal makes it clear Cortez is an environmentalist extremist. Only unlike her contemporaries the Kardashians, AOC is in a position to affect policy. So these “throwaway lines” need to be taken seriously. She’s telling us exactly what she wants to do.

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