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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prefers to make headlines with Twitter instead of actually listening to what her constituents want. The progressive member of the “Squad” made that clear when she chose to throw her endorsement behind anti-police Democrat Maya Wiley despite a recent poll by Ipsos showing New Yorkers actually want more police on the streets.

Fox News reports:

The poll found that 72% of likely voters in the Big Apple said they supported more policing in the city while only 20% of likely voters did not think there should be more NYPD officers walking the beat.

Wiley, an attorney and activist, has called for“alternatives to policing” and supports slashing the NYPD budget — or, as she puts it on her campaign website, bringing the budget “in line with our values and priorities.”

Wiley also said on her campaign site, if elected, her administration would rewrite the “rules of policing and reimagine the job so police officers focus on problems they can help solve” and renegotiate “the contract between the City and Police Benevolent Association (PBA) to end the union’s oversized influence and the Department’s evasion of accountability.”

Wiley also wants to put a “freeze” on the incoming cadet classes of the NYPD and New York Department of Corrections and “[p]ermanently remove NYPD from mental health crisis management, traffic enforcement, and school safety.”

AOC has previously spoken in favor of defunding the police and also abolishing ICE entirely.

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2 years ago

Why should she pay attention to her constituents? She chased off Amazon, jobs, and $$ and they still voted her back in. And likely will be stupid enough to do so until the cows come home,

Spring Smith
Spring Smith
2 years ago

I think if her constituents want someone that represents them they need to elect someone else because clearly AOC could care less what they want.

2 years ago

They voted her back in, knowing her position. Lesson – you get what you vote for, unless like Biden, she lied. If she lied, recall her.

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11 months ago

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