As the Chinese military threat grows AOC is calling for a cut in funding to the United States military.

According to The Daily Wire:

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a supporter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, has joined a call to cut U.S. military funding at a time when tensions, including the possibility of a military conflict, with communist China are rapidly increasing.

Ocasio-Cortez signed onto a letter with 29 other far-left Democrat lawmakers to the House Armed Services Committee that demanded a “reduction in defense spending during the coronavirus pandemic.”

“As you draft this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), we encourage you to authorize a level of spending below last year’s authorized level,” the letter stated. “Congress must remain focused on responding to the coronavirus pandemic and distributing needed aid domestically. In order to do so, appropriators must have access to increased levels of non-defense spending which could be constrained by any increase to defense spending.”

The Democrats’ argument that we must reduce defense spending in order to better fund the coronavirus response flies in the face of recent statements by officials. The U.S. federal government has spent trillions of dollars in multiple stimulus bills to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said in an interview this week that in terms of the financial ability that the U.S. federal government has to combat the pandemic, “there’s a lot more we can do.”

AOC used the reasoning that the coronavirus is the greatest adversary to the United States. She might be right if she is talking about the erosion of liberties as a result of it.

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